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​It's our pleasure to have you along this historic ride. THANK YOU for visiting our new Delta Queen website and joining us in our effort to save America’s last authentic steamboat, the Delta Queen!

Live the legend. The Delta Queen Steamboat Company is led by: President and Chief Executive Officer Cornel Martin, who spearheaded the last successful effort to secure the Congressional exemption extending the Delta Queen’s overnight river cruise service from 1998 to 2008; Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Leah Ann Ingram; Director of Marine Operations Phillip Johnson; and Randy Ingram.

Leah Ann Ingram and Randy Ingram, former operators of the Delta Queen Hotel, did an admirable job preserving the Delta Queen. We are certain the vessel would have suffered an unfortunate fate had they not stepped in and ensured that a return to overnight passenger cruise service would be a viable option. For their contribution, commitment and sacrifice, they deserve the gratitude of all Delta Queen fans and supporters!

If you would like to see this legendary vessel preserved for future generations and returned to overnight passenger cruise service, consider becoming a Delta Queen Supporter or Honorary Crew Member.

About us. A team of loyal supporters of the legendary Delta Queen have formed DQSC, LLC and set out to relaunch the world’s most celebrated steamboat and the business once proudly conducted by its namesake cruise line, the Delta Queen Steamboat Company.

The Delta Queen Steamboat Company, formerly Greene Line Steamers, was a successful operator of steamboats in the overnight passenger trade for over 100 years until ceasing operations in 2006 when the Delta Queen Steamboat Company was purchased and operated by a new organization, renamed and managed with a new cruising philosophy.  Their planned failed and the Delta Queen ceased operation in October of 2008. From 2009 to 2014, the Delta Queen served as a dockside hotel in Chattanooga, TN.

With plans to use proven concepts and time-honored traditions that made the Delta Queen successful and financially viable for over sixty-years, we will put the vessel back into overnight passenger service. We will do this by engaging former crew and management from the original Delta Queen Steamboat Company; many of whom have decades of experience operating the Delta Queen and have either joined or committed to join our effort.