Cornel Martin

President, CEO, Owner

President’s Letter

The first goal of the Delta Queen Steamboat Company and the many fans and supporters of the Delta Queen is to protect, preserve and restore this National Treasure. We need your help to save the Legendary Delta Queen. Please consider becoming a Delta Queen Supporter or Honorary Crew Member,

Money raised from this campaign is currently being used to repair and restore her 88 cabins and her public spaces which have fallen into disrepair during the last 18 months since the Delta Queen Hotel was shut down in Chattanooga, TN. The monies are being used to repair the roof on the sun deck where numerous leaks have caused rain damage in a number of cabins. The decks are being redone to eliminate leaks on each level. Wood damaged by those leaks is being repaired. 

Her air conditioning and heating systems will be repaired or replaced as needed. Her mahogany and teak rails will be fully restored. Carpeting will be replaced and furnishings either replaced or reupholstered returning her cabins and public spaces to the elegance and glory of her earlier years.

While restoration and preservation efforts are ongoing, we are also working hard to secure a new Congressional Exemption so that the Delta Queen can return to overnight cruise service.  H.R. 1248 and S. 1717 have been introduced in the House and Senate.  I was recently in Washington, D.C. and happy to report that we are making good progress, but please call, write or email your Congressman and Senators and urge them to Co-Sponsor these bills.  It is important to show broad and bi-partisan support for our legislation.

Please help us to save our beloved Delta Queen!

Cornel Martin
President and CEO
The Delta Queen Steamboat Company

For details or to make your donation, please call  844.668.4337